Before Work Starts

As a reliable London Plastering services provider, we discuss a few things with our client to maintain peaceful work environment and to go ahead with work completion on time. Here are a few points that we Plastering Contractors, should discuss before work starts:

  • We need to set and agree on the start and end times of the work for each day, with particular consideration for elderly neighbors and sleeping children.
  • Any major work may affect your neighbors; hence, keeping them informed of your plans will help maintain good relations. Moreover, it will enable you to take on board any concerns they may have.
  • Agree house rules with your builders:
    • Where they should enter the house and where they should take their boots off.
    • Ask them to protect floors and walls on their route through the house with taped down boards or dust covers with plastic underneath to ensure water does not leak through carpets.
    • Clear the area where the London Plasterers, Painters, Decorators, and other staff will work.
    • Make sure that clothes, books and furniture are safe from any sort of damage and disruption.
    • The builders may help you move heavy furniture.
    • Furniture should be packed away or covered with dustsheets.
    • Valuable items should be put into safe storage.
    • Agree to the location of the skip, which may need a license and lights at night.
    • Check whether the builder intends to put up scaffolding over anyone else’s land and ask their permission.
    • If you are responsible for ordering materials, such as flooring, tiles, kitchen and bathroom fittings then ask the builder when the material is required. You must also ensure that material is available on time so that the work does not get delayed.

We, a Leading Plastering Contractors, will always available to assist you.

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