Painting & Decorating

Plastering Contractors Team

Alex Plastering Contractors has a team of professional London painters and London decorators to cater you with all painting and decorating services, such as:

  • Plastering
  • Wall papering
  • Interior painting
  • Texture painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Decorative painting

Painting and decorating cover an important phase of home remodeling; hence, you should never ignore it or underestimate it. For internal and external beauty, you must cater painting and decorating services from professional London Painters and London Decorators.

Painting is definitely the last, but not the least phase of renovation. This part needs to be done perfectly in order to get an attractive look. If you install all fancy accessories but ignore painting and decorating then all those fancy accessories will never spread their charm.

London Painters and London Decorators at Alex Plastering Contractors provide services like painting, decorating, remodeling, and installation for bathrooms and kitchens.  We can set you up with fixtures, fix plumbing, electrical wiring and plastering. Roofing, guttering, flooring and tiling are just some of our many other skills.

Contact us to get all your painting jobs done.

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